December 17, 2017

Sedalia School District #200’s on-going commitment to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students is a responsibility that extends to all members of our community. Whether it is our focus on Comprehensive Literacy or our wide range of opportunities and activities for students, our schools provide our students with the tools necessary to be successful members of our society. Visit any school in our district and you will find highly qualified professionals, motivated students, and deeply rooted community partnerships all contributing to our goal of achieving excellence.

The staff and patrons of Sedalia School District #200 envision a district in which our schools follow practices that are embedded in the culture of their organization. We believe that these practices are the most promising strategies for insuring the highest standard of learning for all of our students. The fulfillment of this vision relies on the commitment of all stakeholders to hold themselves accountable for the agreed upon practices within each building.

The following practices are identified as essential:

  • Curriculum
    A rigorous, relevant curriculum that is clearly articulated, aligned, and assessed for meaningful instruction.
  • Instruction
    Differentiated instruction that aids individual students in meeting their developmental needs through ongoing assessment.
  • Assessment
    Ongoing assessment used to drive instruction and curriculum to meet the individual needs of all students.
  • Environment
    Provide a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning.

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Smith-Cotton High School
Smith-Cotton Jr. High
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Heber Hunt Elementary
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Washington Elementary
Pettis County Early Childhood Co-op